Slack is a team communication application providing services such as real-time messaging, archiving, and to search for modern teams. It offers one-on-one messaging, private groups, persistent chat rooms, and direct messaging as well as group chats organized by topic. All content inside Slack is searchable from one search box and it integrates with a number of third-party services, including Google Docs, Dropbox, Heroku, Crashlytics, GitHub, and Zendesk.


API Paths

Test API (GET) /api.test OpenAPI
App Permissions (GET) / OpenAPI
Request App Permissions (GET) /apps.permissions.request OpenAPI
Revoke Auth (GET) /auth.revoke OpenAPI
Test Auth (GET) /auth.test OpenAPI
Get Bot Info (GET) / OpenAPI
Archive Channel (POST) /channels.archive OpenAPI
Create Channel (POST) /channels.create OpenAPI
Get Channel History (GET) /channels.history OpenAPI
Get Channel (GET) / OpenAPI
Invite Channel User (POST) /channels.invite OpenAPI
Join Channel (POST) /channels.join OpenAPI
Remove User From Channel (POST) /channels.kick OpenAPI
Leave Channel (POST) /channels.leave OpenAPI
List Channels (GET) /channels.list OpenAPI
Mark Channel (POST) /channels.mark OpenAPI
Rename Channel (POST) /channels.rename OpenAPI
Get Channel Thread (GET) /channels.replies OpenAPI
Set Channel Purpose (POST) /channels.setPurpose OpenAPI
Set Channel Topic (POST) /channels.setTopic OpenAPI
Unarchive Channel (POST) /channels.unarchive OpenAPI
Delete Message (POST) /chat.delete OpenAPI
Get Permalink (GET) /chat.getPermalink OpenAPI
Share Message (POST) /chat.meMessage OpenAPI
Sent Ephemeral lMessage (POST) /chat.postEphemeral OpenAPI
Send Channel Message (POST) /chat.postMessage OpenAPI
Unfurl Message (POST) /chat.unfurl OpenAPI
Update Message (POST) /chat.update OpenAPI
Archive Conversation (POST) /conversations.archive OpenAPI
Close Conversation (POST) /conversations.close OpenAPI
Create Conversation (POST) /conversations.create OpenAPI
Get Conversation History (GET) /conversations.history OpenAPI
Get Conversation (GET) / OpenAPI
Invite User To Conversation (POST) /conversations.invite OpenAPI
Join Conversation (POST) /conversations.join OpenAPI
Remove User From Conversation (POST) /conversations.kick OpenAPI
Leave Conversation (POST) /conversations.leave OpenAPI
List Conversations (GET) /conversations.list OpenAPI
Get Conversation Members (GET) /conversations.members OpenAPI
Open Conversation (POST) / OpenAPI
Rename Conversation (POST) /conversations.rename OpenAPI
Reply Conversation (GET) /conversations.replies OpenAPI
Set Conversation Purpose (POST) /conversations.setPurpose OpenAPI
Set Conversation Topic (POST) /conversations.setTopic OpenAPI
Unarchve Conversation (POST) /conversations.unarchive OpenAPI
Open Dialog (GET) / OpenAPI
End Do Not Disturb (POST) /dnd.endDnd OpenAPI
End Do Not Disturb Snooze (POST) /dnd.endSnooze OpenAPI
Get Do Not Disturb (GET) / OpenAPI
End Do Not Disturb Snooze (POST) /dnd.setSnooze OpenAPI
Get Do Not Disturb Status (GET) /dnd.teamInfo OpenAPI
List Emojis (GET) /emoji.list OpenAPI
Add File Comments (POST) /files.comments.add OpenAPI
Delete File Comments (POST) /files.comments.delete OpenAPI
Edit File Comments (POST) /files.comments.edit OpenAPI
Delete File (POST) /files.delete OpenAPI
Get File (GET) / OpenAPI
List Files (GET) /files.list OpenAPI
Revoke Public URL (POST) /files.revokePublicURL OpenAPI
Share Public URL (POST) /files.sharedPublicURL OpenAPI
Upload File (POST) /files.upload OpenAPI
Archive Group (POST) /groups.archive OpenAPI
Create Group (POST) /groups.create OpenAPI
Create Child Group (POST) /groups.createChild OpenAPI
Group History (GET) /groups.history OpenAPI
Get Group (GET) / OpenAPI
Invite User To Group (POST) /groups.invite OpenAPI
Remove User From Group (POST) /groups.kick OpenAPI
Leave Group (POST) /groups.leave OpenAPI
Get Group (GET) /groups.list OpenAPI
Mark Group (POST) /groups.mark OpenAPI
Open Group (POST) / OpenAPI
Rename Group (POST) /groups.rename OpenAPI
Get Group Thread (GET) /groups.replies OpenAPI
Set Group Purpose (POST) /groups.setPurpose OpenAPI
Set Group Topic (POST) /groups.setTopic OpenAPI
Unarchive Group (POST) /groups.unarchive OpenAPI
Close Group (POST) /im.close OpenAPI
Get Messages History (GET) /im.history OpenAPI
List Messages (GET) /im.list OpenAPI
Mark Messages (POST) /im.mark OpenAPI
Open Messages (POST) / OpenAPI
Reply to Messages (GET) /im.replies OpenAPI
Migration Exchange (GET) / OpenAPI
Close Multiparty Direct Message (POST) /mpim.close OpenAPI
Get Multiparty Direct Message History (GET) /mpim.history OpenAPI
List Multiparty Direct Messages (GET) /mpim.list OpenAPI
Mark Multiparty Direct Messages (POST) /mpim.mark OpenAPI
Open Multiparty Direct Messages (POST) / OpenAPI
Reply to Multiparty Direct Messages (GET) /mpim.replies OpenAPI
Oauth Access (GET) /oauth.access OpenAPI
Oauth Token (GET) /oauth.token OpenAPI
Pin Item (POST) /pins.add OpenAPI
List Pins (GET) /pins.list OpenAPI
Unpin Item (POST) /pins.remove OpenAPI
Add Reaction (POST) /reactions.add OpenAPI
Get Reaction (GET) /reactions.get OpenAPI
List Reactions (GET) /reactions.list OpenAPI
Remove Reaction (POST) /reactions.remove OpenAPI
Add Reminders (POST) /reminders.add OpenAPI
Mark Reminders Complete (POST) /reminders.complete OpenAPI
Delete Reminders (POST) /reminders.delete OpenAPI
Get Reminder (GET) / OpenAPI
List Reminders (GET) /reminders.list OpenAPI
Connect Real Time Messaging (GET) /rtm.connect OpenAPI
Start Real Time Messaging (GET) /rtm.start OpenAPI
Search Real Time Messaging (GET) /search.all OpenAPI
Start Real Time Messaging Files (GET) /search.files OpenAPI
Search Real Time Messaging (GET) /search.messages OpenAPI
Star Item (POST) /stars.add OpenAPI
List Stars (GET) /stars.list OpenAPI
Remove Star from Item (POST) /stars.remove OpenAPI
Get Logs (GET) /team.accessLogs OpenAPI
Get Billable Info (GET) /team.billableInfo OpenAPI
Get Team (GET) / OpenAPI
Get Team Logs (GET) /team.integrationLogs OpenAPI
Get Team Profile (GET) /team.profile.get OpenAPI
Create Group (POST) /usergroups.create OpenAPI
Disable Group (POST) /usergroups.disable OpenAPI
Enable Group (POST) /usergroups.enable OpenAPI
List Groups (GET) /usergroups.list OpenAPI
Update Group (POST) /usergroups.update OpenAPI
List Group Users (GET) /usergroups.users.list OpenAPI
Update Group Users (POST) /usergroups.users.update OpenAPI
Delete Photo (POST) /users.deletePhoto OpenAPI
Get Presence (GET) /users.getPresence OpenAPI
Get User Identity (GET) /users.identity OpenAPI
Get User Info (GET) / OpenAPI
List Team Users (GET) /users.list OpenAPI
Find User (GET) /users.lookupByEmail OpenAPI
Get User Profile (GET) /users.profile.get OpenAPI
Set User Profile (POST) /users.profile.set OpenAPI
Make User Inactive (POST) /users.setActive OpenAPI
Set User Profile Photo (POST) /users.setPhoto OpenAPI
Set User Presence (POST) /users.setPresence OpenAPI